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Committees & Activities

Regular Membership Meetings:

Held on the last Wednesday of the month. Usually the meetings are held at Pine Ridge Country Club, 30601 Ridge Road, Wickliffe, at 6:30 p.m. Guests are invited to attend our annual new membership meeting each November.

Super Bowl Party

Open to the public on Superbowl Sunday.

Italian Night

Our biggest party of the year. We fill LaMalfa Center to capacity. Tickets are very limited.

Golf Outing

This is a great place to ahve fun with the membership. All are invited.

Family Christmas Party

Santa Claus and his merry elves all attend this festive gala. The party is closed to membership only and is one of our largest get-togethers.

Bus Trips

Occasionally the membership likes to wander locally or elsewhere! Wine tours, casinos, movies, etc.

Bocce Tournament

Each year the membership invites their favorite wringers to compete against each other in what turns into a competitive funfest. The winner goes on to the regional Bocce finals.

Clam Bake A fall season event enjoyed by the membership.
Ohio State Vs. Michigan Party

This is a great party for everyone!